Jay Brijpaul


Broker / Owner - 416.418.2745 - [email protected]


Jay Brijpaul is a Toronto Real Estate veteran serving the community since 1988. He represents both buyers and sellers. His team, The Brij Team, is consistently among the top RE/MAX residential teams in Canada and around the world.

Jay is a Fellows of Real Estate Institute of Canada (FRI) since 1994, giving him an additional 5 years of Real Estate training beyond what virtually all Real Estate agents have. He's a proud member of RE/MAX Elite Circle of Legends, the hall of Fame and the Luminary of Distinction Award.

Jay is a down to earth Realtor who gives his clients free one-on-one consultation. This ensures that they have a clear understanding of what is involved in the home buying and selling process before they start. It gives Jay a keen sense of exactly what the client needs are. He handles each transaction as though it is his own.

A Broker with a robust team like The Brij Team has more people and resources for effectively attending to each client’s needs and not neglecting anyone. The result: more research, fewer errors, and quicker response times in all respects. In short: far better service all around for all clients

Jay Brijpaul is an active Real Estate investor in both residential and commercial properties.  His workshops on investments are well attended.  His philosophy is simply Buy, Hold and Profit!

Jay is the Founder of the Caribbean Children Foundation (TCCF) which provides medical treatment for critically ill children from the Caribbean.


JAY BRIJPAUL - Broker / Owner - 416.418.2745 - thebrij@thebrij.com